Join our growing family of givers from around the world – New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, England, Greece and the United States – who are sowing financial seed into St Enoch and St Elijah Monastery.

Partnership with God is the most sacred experience we can have in life. It is given us when we enter into trust and faith, and the Grace that is bestowed upon the circumstance of a living relationship between us and our God. There are so many examples in our life that we might draw on to illustrate partnership, and Biblically, scripture is replete with them; a particular favourite is Elijah’s encounter in 1 Kings 17:7-24 of feeding and being fed, and of God resurrecting the Zarephath widow’s son. From the truths embedded in this story, we can stand on God’s promise that when a prophet enters our home, the whole household will be uplifted and blessed; that the prophet’s life of Divine partnership flows out into our life. And so it is whenever we ourselves, prophets or not, enter into that same agreement with God. We stand on faith that God’s promise to increase our life will be upheld. We know with Divine assurance that the Lord will deliver to us fruits and life aplenty. So too it is when you partner with us: The blessing of St Enoch and St Elijah Monastery, and the anointing bestowed from On High upon this monastery and its ministry, flows out into your life. You become a part of the fabric of the relationship that we have with God; our partnership with God. You not only garner the fruits of your own partnering with God, but you stand in the favour of all that God pours out into and through this Divinely sanctioned monastic mission. Lives change for this favour. Prayers are answered. Vigour in the Lord Jesus Christ is renewed. Purpose is united in God and divinely unfolded. Your spiritual currency in the world and in Heavenly citizenship abounds. You command authority over and within your life as a favoured son or daughter of God because you comprehend, and are an active participant in the nature of the Divine relationship that orchestrates all areas of life. This inextricable weaving of human and Divine wills that culminate in increasing blessing is the very heart of partnership, and we invite you into that relationship with God, and with us. 


 When you become a partner with St Enoch and St Elijah Monastery (SEASEM), you become a partner with all that God is doing in and through SEASEM’s ministry and monastic life in prayer, healing, teaching and outreach. The blessings that are on this ministry overflow and become a blessing in your life, your business or ministry.

Your partnership is not only a gift to SEASEM, but 10% of what is sown into the monastery is gifted again to Christ’s missions and monasteries around the world. You are making global outreach possible. You are helping to meet the needs of those who live as full time monks and nuns, many fully withdrawn from and for the world holding us all in perpetual prayer; others who are missionaries in Africa; and those who have ministries that feed SEASEM. 

We are blessed to be a blessing and we agree with God over your financial and prayer partnership with SEASEM.


‘faith is the substance of all things hoped for…’ Hebrews 11:1

A seed in God’s works is only as fruitful as the faith is strong in the sowing. To this end, when you partner with SEASEM, it is highly recommended that you:

1. Give the amount that God tells you to give

2. Expect to receive your offering multiplied back to you

When we give the exact amount God tells us to, and when we expect a multiplied return on our seed, we enter into partnering as an act of worship. We partner with and worship God as God in the very act of giving.


When you enter into Partnership with SEASEM, you can expect God to grow: 

Your own spiritual life
A harvest for you on your financial seed sown
Spiritual increase for the ministry and teaching work being done
The ministry’s anointing as it operates in your life 

In addition to these rewards, you will have the deep satisfaction of knowing that you are reaching far beyond your personal sphere of influence and impacting people all over the world with this life-eternalising ministry of the Father Fusion of Jesus. We are taking the power and relationship of God beyond the four walls of the church to all the corners of the earth with an anointing and Grace poured forth from Heaven!

Our Partners enjoy exclusive access to teachings, audios, discounts on products, courses and retreats, and communication through our Partner Membership Site.

You can become a partner with St Enoch and St Elijah Monastery through an AUTOMATED monthly reoccurring donation (click the button below) or by calling or Whatsapping SEASEM on +64 210 222 9345 or emailing