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Spring 2022

This Christmas Issue is the perfect edition to introduce Theosis to you through the Ladder of Divine Ascent. A rich issue equipping you for your deification journey and union with God that includes Christmas reflection and prayer.

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Winter 2022

And what we find is that is actually us, the child of God who is co-creating the monastic spirit, as we conquer flesh for spirit, law for faith, world for grace. 

Winter 2022

Autumn 2022

Life, Death and Resurrection

Holiness is to know ourselves part of something so vast and wondrous that it can take our worst behaviours, most appalling states and sift them for nuggets of pure heavenly value that are reconstituted for God’s glory.



Spring 2021

The Power of Pentecost

We find that our personal journey is asking for a far deeper union with God within us, a union that is presence with an eternity of silence and rest in it.



Summer 2021

Life, Death and Resurrection

God’s hand is the one who brings you into the very source of his existence. And from this you recognise, this is how I am being made in the image of God.