THE PRINCIPLES of divine life are always given by God. Here are some by which the SEASEM community lives:

  • St. Enoch and St. Elijah is a combined monastery – mixed genders enhance the balanced living that cultivates mature Father fusion and its bourgeoning heavenly citizenship.
  • Both anchoritic (solitary daily routine) and Pachomian (group-centred daily routine) religious life are greatly benefitted by an ongoing personal commitment to stability, conversion of life, obedience to one’s spiritual director and to the monastery Prior, and utmost respect for God’s Father fusion past, present and anticipated works in others.
  • Respecting the flow of life that involves whole hearted and unreserved worship of God, prayer and planning in the development of each project as the need arises, reflection on the journey as the outcomes of each project after they are concluded, life-giving reflection and contemplation of the processes incurred, and that ever-important rest and recreation and celebration—praising God for all things and, having done our best, letting all the consequences now go to God while we simply have fun for fun’s sake. 
  • Maintaining a balanced and healthy life that can be at once contemplative, mystical, prophetic, richly endowed with the giftings of the Holy Spirit as with also the giftings springing from the enhanced Father fusion identification with the Spirit of the Father within, whilst living and enjoying the human life to its fullest—mindful that the Father’s gift of Father fusion that is given to us by the Son of God does not demand a life of mortification, asceticism and extremes.
  • Discerning ways in which to express the SEASEM values for community, solitude, simplicity and hospitality not only through prayer, healing, sharing in our liturgical Offices but with all manner of acts of kindness, goodness and Christ’s disarming love as the circumstances summon forth.
  • Uniting in prayer with anyone who is seeking a vocation with the community here at St. Enoch and St. Elijah monastery.
  • Being in the earliest stages of the development of this monastery we are just two permanent residents for now. Accordingly, the monastic daily life is casually based around the many and varied tasks of daily rural religious life. Many activities revolve around the weather, time spent in the holy sanctuary or developing the liturgy on computer, harvesting the garden and bottling or freezing the produce for later out of season consumption, tending to the needs of the birds and animals and the equipment that from time to time needs attention, cleaning or fixing, and of course taking very blessed time to smell the roses and simply enjoy God.