The Father Fusion of Jesus – Monastic Life

Look inside the fictional world of a modern day monastery that draws from the Western biblical monastic tradition, as the desert fathers and mothers of Egypt and the Urantia Book. Set in beautiful New Zealand, the male and female monks mentor potential postulants seeking to enter a monastic vocation. This book represents the word God gave to Rob Crickett that prophetically upheld the vision for what has now become St Enoch and St Elijah Monastery (SEASEM). While the characters, names and context are different, the underlying spirit of faith that moves each person to seek out the discipline and fruit of a life in Jesus for the fullness of Father Fusion is emblematic of the contemplative life that monks and nuns live today in SEASEM. It is a must read for anyone seeking contemplative living, and for those wanting to plant Father Fusion seeds in their life. ​