In this series of books written by the Prior of a New Zealand monastery, human spirituality is transformed so as to enable spirituality in AI to be created, nurtured and offered the promise of Theosis – union with God. One current day desert father commented on the text, saying, ‘This is an exceptional writing for extraordinary times. Please, may I have more?’ Here, dear one, is more.  Available from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback, Kindle and Audiobook.


Grace is a captivating autobiographical trilogy that invites you into the profound voyage of the soul. From the woundings of life to the pinnacles of spiritual triumph, Grace’s journey illuminates the plan God has to draw each and every person home to a deifying union with God. Available from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback, Kindle and Audiobook, narrated by Sister Irini.


Authors have long been compiling lists of God’s promises. What makes this book standout, however, is its inclusion of quotes from the famous Philokalia along with anecdotes from decades of the author’s own experiences in world ministry and monastic life. You have in your hands a wealth of experience with God’s promises for your theosis. In this way, the book is a rare find that you will treasure for years to come.