Experiencing Theosis: The Ladder of Divine Ascent

Lectio Divina for Your Theosis

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The Ladder of Divine Ascent is a spiritual work written by Saint John Climacus of the 7th century. It provides the monastic or lay person interested in theosis – divine union with God – a step-by-step guide for their deification path. The Ladder consists of 30 rungs or steps, each presenting a virtue or vice that contributes to or requires transformation for an individual’s theosis. The Ladder of Divine Ascent was written by a monk for monks. Prior Rob enters into the work, and the Spirit of God, to bring to listeners the contemporary and personal relevance of St Climacus’ treatise for your deification path. This entry is for the serious believer who knows the one calling upon them and purpose in their life is to conscious and actively embrace God’s invitation into theosis. Prior Rob offers weekly teaching on the rungs of the ladder. To participate, email the monastery here.  

As Christians, the practice of Lectio Divina – spiritual or divine reading – invites us into a prayerful and contemplative reading of scripture. Through this process our proximity to the Spirit of God is enhanced, and our relationship with the Holy Trinity deepened. By reading, meditating, praying and contemplating on the living Word, we draw nearer to the presence of God and God’s voice for our life. Our proximity to the heavenly energies of God the uncreate transforms us. By grace, through our faith, we experience less of what the world has placed upon us and more of what God has granted us: peace, joy, faith, hope, love. Lectio Divina is an invitation to godly training for your theosis journey and your salvation path. In this 6-week series, Sister Irini introduces you to this time-honoured monastic practice and the very unique and personal application of it for your deification and life in union with God.