Like the name St. Enoch and St. Elijah monastery, SEASEM’s theology is viewed through the lens of the Urantia Book, a text developed in 1933 that claims to be the fifth in a series of epoch-inaugurating revelations given by God into the world’s population of widespread communities. They are each known by their unique contributions to God’s overall plan for the lengthy perfecting and illuminating experience of both creature and creation alike.

  • The first ever epochal revelation to the earth came in person from heaven to uplift our ancestors in primitive humanity. After the default of most of this heaven-sent team of immortals and planetary governance, the earth was left with “the Devil” who subsequently plunged humanity into isolation and incipient spiritual hopelessness.
  • The second epochal revelation came long after in the form and hope of God’s divine gift to humanity in the persons of Adam and Eve and their offspring. Their tragic default in the midst of a devil-dominated world left humanity with minimal biological and spiritual upliftment. Within a couple of thousand years we were bereft of most of their contributions to God’s plans for humanity.
  • The third epochal revelation came to a sin-darkened and soul-weary world long after the days of Adam and Eve and their offspring. As soon as it was known in heaven that the Son of God planned to incarnate on the earth, one known in heaven as Melchizedek appeared in human form at a desert location that is today called Jerusalem. His aim was to create a people of God into whom the Son of God would be born to fulfil his heavenly mandate with and for the Paradise Father. Melchizedek duly created thousands of missionaries who brought to the world the message and example of faith equating to righteousness. The Jewish nation was conceived and nurtured. Eventually the Hebrew revelations of the Law and the Prophets were put into the writings that Christians call the Old Testament.
  • The fourth epochal revelation came two thousand years later in fulfilment of Melchizedek’s preparations on the earth: the person of the Son of God was born in Bethlehem according to prophecy: the hope of the world, the Lord of Lords and the bridge to the Father—Jesus of Nazareth. Out of the ashes of a sin-cursed world, the Old Testament delivered the faith of Abraham and promised sonship with God but waited for it to be delivered by a subsequent epochal revelation. Jesus delivered the prophesied sonship with God and promised an eternal heavenly citizenship and everlasting joy, growth and blessing. He ascended to heaven leaving the how-to of the promised heavenly citizenship lifestyle and career for subsequent epochal revelations to deliver here on the earth.
  • The fifth of the epochal revelations came two thousand years later, not in person but in the form of four comprehensive collections of writings comprising a work called the Urantia Book—where Urantia is the name used for this world, Earth, by its heavenly authors. All things spiritual are given to us by grace through faith; and spiritually the Urantia Book delivers heavenly citizenship to the faith-filled believer. It holds the promise of finality of personal spiritual maturity in Paradise but leaves that promise to be fulfilled not on the earth but through our future careers through the heaven of heavens in the eventual receiving of our utmost perfection.

Whoever is attracted to SEASEM will invariably be the man or woman whom God has called and is spiritually equipping unto to the fulfilment of Jesus’ promised heavenly citizenship—the very same resurrection life that we see in the biblical persons of Enoch and Elijah. Those who seek out SEASEM are persons with the faith of Abraham, the sonship of Jesus of Nazareth, and the ever-revealing heavenly citizenship delivered through the Urantia Book’s revelatory and living communion with God through Jesus Christ. For this measure of spiritual development of the human soul on earth, the Urantia Book is an exceptionally effective and justifiably profound instrument of God’s plans for the whole world. It is with utmost humility and joy that we welcome such visitors here to SEASEM, Christ’s sons and daughters of God and potential Paradise finaliters, all.