Sowing Seed

We are praying for monastery funds to purchase items that help us to live our formal contemplative life and monastic vision for Father Fusion, as well as to help us maintain our charitable works – donating eggs, vegetables, herbs, seedlings and ministry support to the sick, elderly, in need, and children.

God has said that our tractor, which costs NZ$95,000, is coming; we stand on faith that this prayer will be answered by someone sowing good seed into God’s works here. The tractor is an essential piece of farming equipment for this property; aiding in the betterment of the fields, crops, waterways, clearances, and many more projects that require a tractor’s power and abilities. Funds also contribute to fencing, wooden bridges, gardening supplies, poultry feed, icon prints, candle-making equipment, the establishment of gift products – as much as funds that help us to maintain a prayerful life in Christ, and to deliver Father Fusion teachings.

If you would like to grow God’s love and blessing with us then please give us not merely a donation but a seed. Seed always returns a harvest containing more seed of its own kind. When giving is in partnership with God’s good will then our sowing places our seed into good and true ground, and it always returns an abundance of seed . . . more abundance than we ever reckoned on. We are always staggered by the amount of seed a single seed returns to the sower at harvest time.

Your good seeds can be faithfully sown into the following account: SFFJ Trust 06-0350-0842697-00 : Registered New Zealand Charity Number CC54692 — knowing that here at St. Enoch and St. Elijah Monastery we pray every day over every seed and for every seed sower who sows with us. We want what God wants: abundance blessings for all! Won’t you join us?

And if you’d like to become a prayer and financial Partner with God and the monastery, and sow on a monthly basis, click here to sign up now or here for more information.

Transferwise is a fast and cost-effective way to sow your seed by sending money abroad. Simply download the app, sign up with your bank account or card, click ‘Send’ and add SFFJ Trust as a Recipient, then input your donation amount with the SFFJ Trust account number 06-0350-0842697-00. Please use the monastery’s email address:

As one seed sower said: ” The TransferWise system is so simple and easy to use”. 
And another: “I just LOVE giving in God this way”.

PayPal is available to sow seed, but they do take 3.40% + $0.45 NZD on each transaction. For this reason direct bank deposit or Transferwise is preferable. Thank you for your seed.